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Stream Data Schema Design


11 December 2013

###Stream Data Schema for Real-time Data Stream Manager

###Streaming Information

  • Type: Environmental data: temperatures, pressures, salinity, acidity, fluid velocities etc,

  • Nature:
    • Relational Stream: yes
    • Text stream: no
  • Origin: Data is produced by sensors in oil wells and on oil and gas platforms equipments. Each oil platform has an average of 400,000.

  • Frequency of update:
    • from sub-second to minutes
    • In triples/minute: [10000-10] t/min
  • Quality: It varies, due to instrument/sensor issues

  • Management /access
    • Technology in use: Dedicated (relational and proprietary) stores
    • Problems: The ability of users to access data from different sources is limited by an insufficient description of the context
    • Means of improvement: Add context (metadata) to the data so it become meaningful and use reasoning techniques to process that metadata

###[optional] Static Information required to interpret the streaming information

  • Type: Topology of the sensor network, position of each sensor, the descriptions of the oil platform

  • Origin: Oil and gas production operations

  • Dimension:
    • 100s of MB as PostGIS dump
    • In triples: 10^8
  • Quality: Good

  • Management /access
    • Technology in use: RDBMS, proprietary technologies
    • Available Ontologies and Vocabularies: Reference Semantic Model (RSM), based on ISO 15926


[1] W3C, Use cases - RDF Stream Processing Community Group, link

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