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Advanced and Distributed Operating Systems


19 April 2014

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Advanced and Distributed Operating Systems


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Date Topics Notes Readings
Mon 09/09 Introduction
[pdf] [key]
Lampson84, Gabriel91–Section 2.1 only, Hamming
Part 1: Concurrency, Threads, Parallelism, Ordering, and Races
Wed 09/11 Implementing remote procedure calls
[pdf] [key]
Fri 09/13 no class
Mon 09/16 Using threads in interactive systems: A case study
[pdf] [key]
Wed 09/18 Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System
[pdf] [key]
Fri 09/20 Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multi-Threaded Programs
[pdf] [key]
Mentioned in class: Bugs as Deviant Behavior. Savage97
Part 2: Storage and Remote DMA
Mon 09/23 A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
[pdf] [key]
Therac-25, NY Times article Patterson88, Schroeder07
Wed 09/25 AFS
Leases paper Howard88
Fri 09/27 Separating data and control transfer in distributed operating systems, The Direct Access File System
no DeBergalis required. NFS over RDMA paper mentioned in class. Thekkath94, DeBergalis03
Mon 09/30 The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System
[pdf] [key]
Wed 10/02 No class, enjoy the brain space
Fri 10/04 MapReduce and Dryad
Dean04, Dryad
Mon 10/07 OS Architecture and Extensibility: SPIN and the Exokernel
[pdf] [ppt] [key]
Project groups and initial ideas due Bershad95, Kaashoek97
Wed 10/09 No Lecture -- meetings with course staff to discuss project proposal
Fri 10/11 Kernels and Parallelism
Part 3: Transactions and Databases
Mon 10/14 On Optimistic Methods for Concurrency Control
[pdf] [key]
Project proposal due (in class). For further reading, see Spectulative Execution in a Distributed File System Kung81
Wed 10/16 Efficient Locking for Concurrent Operations on B-Trees
[pdf] [key]
See also Chord-Sigcomm2001 if you'd like more details. Lehman81
Fri 10/18 no class - mid-semester break
Mon 10/21 Principles of Transaction-Oriented Database Recovery
[pdf] [key]
Bernstein's concurrency notes - MVCC, Why snapshot isolation is useful, short paper about an anomaly in snapshot isolation, mentioning history. Franklin97
Wed 10/23 No class, review for midterm
Fri 10/25 Midterm Exam
Mon 10/28 No class
Wed 10/30 Midterm Review and Project Discussions
Please come talk with staff in course room
Fri 11/01 BigTable
Mon 11/04 No class - SOSP
Wed 11/06 No class - SOSP
Fri 11/08 Dynamo
Mon 11/11 Project meetings (all day)
Please schedule a 30 minute time slot
Part 4: Generalized Fault Tolerance
Wed 11/13 No class
Fri 11/15 Paxos
[pdf] [key]
Wikipedia Paxos article. Lamport's original Greek parable. Lamport01
Mon 11/18 No class
Wed 11/20 The Byzantine General's Problem, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
[pdf] [ppt]
Lamport's comments on the Byzantine Generals paper (see also here). Castro99, Lamport82
Fri 11/22 No class
Mon 11/25 Reflections on Trusting Trust, Why Cryptosystems Fail, Crisis and Aftermath
[pdf] [key]
Thompson84, Anderson94, Spafford89
Wed 11/27 No class
Early turkey day
Fri 11/29 No class
Turkey day
Part 5: Security
Mon 12/02 Class Canceled - Instructor still sick. :(
Wed 12/04 X-Ray
Paper is here
Fri 12/06 Midterm 2
Mon 12/09 Project Presentations
Tue 12/10 Final report due

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