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Big Data & Brews - Ari Zilka, CTO of Hortonworks' Talk


30 April 2014


Stefan Groschupf and Ari Zilka, the CTO of Hortonworks talk about Ari’s prior work as the founder and CTO of Terracotta. Ari diagrams how Terracotta works before diving into what he does as the new CTO of Hortonworks. Ari discusses Project Stinger, which is aimed at making Hive faster, and talks about ORC files and vectorization for the storage and access layer.

Ari Zilka, CTO of Hortonworks talks Project Stinger, ORC files, YARN and Tez

  • “Ari’s History” (1:31)
  • “Explaining Terracotta’s ‘Big Data’ History” (4:19)
  • “Serializers and Hadoop” (8:36)
  • “On Project Stinger” (10:47)
  • “ORC files vs. Parquet” (11:55)
  • “On Tez & YARN” (19:30)

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