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Apache Tajo Backup and Restore


13 May 2014

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Backup and Restore Catalog

Now, Tajo supports a two backup methods for

  • SQL dump
  • Database-level backup

SQL dump

SQL dump is an easy and strong way. If you use this approach, you don’t need to concern database-level compatiblities. If you want to backup your catalog, just use bin/tajo_dump command. The basic usage of this command is:

$ tajo_dump table_name > outfile

For example, if you want to backup a table customer, you should type a command as follows:

$ bin/tajo_dump customer > table_backup.sql
$ cat table_backup.sql
-- Tajo database dump
-- Dump date: 10/04/2013 16:28:03

-- Name: customer; Type: TABLE; Storage: CSV
-- Path: file:/home/hyunsik/tpch/customer
CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE customer (c_custkey INT8, c_name TEXT, c_address TEXT, c_nationkey INT8, c_phone TEXT, c_acctbal FLOAT8, c_mktsegment TEXT, c_comment TEXT) USING CSV LOCATION 'file:/home/hyunsik/tpch/customer';

If you want to restore the catalog from the SQL dump file, please type the below command:

$ bin/tsql -f table_backup.sql If you use an option ‘-a’, tajo_dump will dump all table DDLs.

$ bin/tajo_dump -a > all_backup.sql

Database-level backup

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