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16 May 2014

Big Data & Brews: Think Big Analytics’ Ron Bodkin’s History with Quantcast

Founder and CEO of Think Big Analytics, Ron Bodkin, shares his experiences as VP of Engineering at Quantcast and how his current company builds big data applications for customers.

  • “The mission of Quantcast & intro to Think Big Analytics” (0:19)
  • “Hoppy beers, Hop Stoopid” (2:34)
  • “The evolution of Quantcast” (4:29)
  • “Main challenges at Quantcast” (10:17)
  • “Facebook” (11:19)
  • “Think Big Analytics’ customers” (13:06)
  • “Technology vs. social challenge” (15:48)
  • “Is Hadoop complicated?” (17:01)
  • “Think Big Analytics vs. Hadoop distributors” (18:23)

Big Data & Brews: Ron Bodkin Talks Development Tools

Co-founder and CEO of Think Big Analytics talks about the tools and technology he uses including, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Spark, YARN, Memcached, Kafka and Flume.

  • “Tools & Success of Hadoop” (1:14)
  • “MongoDB / Cassandra” (3:47)
  • “About Memcached” (5:08)
  • “Kafka or Flume?” (10:02)
  • “Other Hadoop Tools” (16:09)
  • “YARN vs. Mesos” (17:56)
  • “Next Big Technology” (18:52)

Big Data & Brews Snapshot: Quantcast Introduces Facebook to Hadoop

Ron Bodkin, co-found and CEO of Think Big Analytics, talks about the early days at Quantcast, the company that introduced Hadoop to Facebook, and what he’s accomplishing with his new company, Think Big Analytics.

The Future of Big Data

Ron Bodkin, founder and CEO of Think Big Analytics shares his thoughts on the future of big data.

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