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Research Topics in Database Systems


22 May 2014

Research Topics in Database Systems

</TABLE> ## Other Papers You Should Read The following are important papers that you either should have read (e.g., in CS165) or that you should read, because they provide important information with which you should be familiar
Week Date Topic Readings
1 6/2 Course IntroductionNone
2 6/7 The Beginning of the Relational Era CODASYL Database Management Systems
A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks
6/9Early Relational Systems System R: Relational Approach to Data Management
The Design and Implementation of INGRES
3 6/14 Early Concurrency Control Granularity of Locks and Degrees of Consistency in a Shared Data Base
On Optimistic Methods for Concurrency Control
6/16 Transactions & Concurrency Principles of Transaction-Oriented Database Recovery
Multi-version Concurrency Control: Theory and Algorithms
Transaction Isolation and Lazy Commit
6/23 Transactions and Concurrency Revisited Serializable isolation for snapshot databases</br> Stasis: Flexible Transactional Storage
5 6/28 Object-Oriented Systems The ObjectStore Database System
The POSTGRES Next-Generation Database Management System </tr>
6/30 OLTP Details OLTP Through The Looking Glass And What We Found There
6 7/5 Column Stores C-Store: A Column-oriented DBMS</br> Column-Storees vs. Row-Stores: How Different Are they Really?
7/7 Semi-Structured Data Semi-Structured Data
Lore: A Database Management System for Semistructured Data
7 7/12 Optimizing Column Stores Integrating compression and execution in column-oriented database systems</br> Incremental Organization for Data Recording and Warehousing
7/14 Graphical Data Graphs-at-a-time: Query Language and Access Methods for Graph Databases
Scalable semantic web data management using vertical partitioning
8 7/19 More Graphical Data RDF-3X: a RISC-style Engine for RDF
Scalable Join Processing on Very Large RDF Graphs
7/21 Self-Assessment The Laguna Beach Report
9 7/26 Provenance (background)Provenance in Databases (Tutorial outline)</br> Provenance in Databases: Why, How, and Where
7/28 Provenance in Practice Provenance Management in Curated Databases</br> Trio: A System for Data, Uncertainty, and Lineage
10 8/2 Querying Provenance Querying Data Provenance</br> Efficient Querying and Maintenance of Network Provenance at Internet-Scale
8/4 Distribution The Part-Time Parliament</br> PAXOS made simple
11 8/9 Replication The Dangers of Replication and a Solution</br> The Costs and Limits of Availability for Replicated Service
8/11 Veteran's Day
12 8/16 Google's Big Data The Google File System</br> Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data
8/18 Data in the Cloud A Comparison of Approaches to Large-Scale Data Analysis</br> An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures for Transaction Processing in the Cloud

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