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19 July 2014

Pivotal Big Data Suite: Changing the Economics of Big Data. Forever

Enterprises are aware that big data analytics and applications have emerged as essential foundations for competitive differentiation. However, every enterprise has different environments, applications and data requirements.

While Hadoop offerings continue to disrupt the Big Data market, and will certainly serve as the core of big data management solutions, enterprises must often work with existing traditional database, data management, and legacy data warehouse solutions.

Pivotal has defined this merging of traditional and next generation data management solutions as the Business Data Lake.


Pivotal Big Data Suite delivers the world’s most advanced, flexible, and budget-friendly Big Data analytic platform. This enables customers to leverage any mixture of Pivotal’s powerful capabilities, when and where they need it, resulting in a powerful and unbound flexible toolset of enterprise analytics.

Learn how the Pivotal Big Data Suite can:

  • Easily enable you build the next modern data infrastructure – Business Data Lake
  • Save you significant costs for storing all your data with Pivotal HD
  • Provide you with an interchangeable package of Pivotal’s leading Big Data technologies to fit varied business needs
  • Allow you to become a Data-Driven Enterprise

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