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Samsung Developer Day 2014 at MWC - Samsung MultiScreen SDK


29 July 2014

Samsung Developer Day 2014 at MWC - Samsung MultiScreen SDK

MutiScreen APIs Overview

Create compelling MultiScreen applications that extend your Android or iOS mobile application experiences to the Samsung SmartTV.

The SDK provides developers with a set of APIs and tools that optimize MultiScreen experiences for Games, Media Sharing, Social Collaboration, and more.

A MultiScreen app provides separate views that are connected and running on different devices. The TV version displays a public view of the app that can be enjoyed by an audience. Mobile devices display a private view for individuals or can be used to control the action on the SmartTV. All devices (and the TV) are connected, and can communicate with each other.

The MultiScreen API’s focus on three main features:


In order to start or join a MultiScreen experience, a mobile device must be able to discover a compatible TV.


Once a TV is discovered, the TV must load the public view of the experience. Mobile devices can instruct a TV to load either an installed app on the TV, or a web application hosted in the cloud.


Once launched, all devices are automatically connected via web sockets, providing bi-directional, reliable, and fast communication. This allows one device to send messages to any other device, or group of devices, including the TV.

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