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Data Governance Initiative


3 May 2015

Data Governance Initiative

Ensuring a common approach to data governance across all systems and data

Enterprises that include Hadoop in their modern data architecture must address certain realities when bringing legacy and new data from disparate platforms under management in their cluster.

The Data Governance Initiative is working to develop an extensible foundation that addresses enterprise requirements for comprehensive data governance and assures that Hadoop:

  • Snaps into existing frameworks to openly exchange metadata
  • Addresses enterprise data governance requirements within its own stack of technologies

Data Governance Initiative

The DGI solution will feature deep integration with Apache Falcon for data lifecycle management and Apache Ranger for centralized security policies. It will also interoperate with and extend existing third-party data governance and management tools by shedding light on the data access patterns within the Hadoop cluster.

In addition to Hortonworks, the members of DGI are enterprise Hadoop users Aetna, JPMorganChase, Merck, Schlumberger, and Target and also Hortonworks’ technology partner SAS.

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