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Optimizing Big Data Through Curation


9 September 2015

Optimizing Big Data Through Curation

Big data analytics is the new frontier of enterprise intelligence. However, the outcome of any big data analytics project is only as good as the quality of the data being used. Striking the balance between disposing or preserving data—between minimizing clutter and optimizing the potential for insight—requires a deep understanding of enterprise information.

The data curation component of IBM Information Lifecycle Governance enables enterprises to discover, classify, and manage information according to its business value. Data that’s useful and current is curated into a manageable framework that’s auditable and positions big data analytics projects for success

StoredIQ Suite

IBM® StoredIQ Suite addresses the problems that challenge records management, electronic discovery, compliance, storage optimization and data migration initiatives. By providing an in-depth assessment of unstructured data where it resides, this software gives organizations visibility into data to make more informed business and legal decisions.

StoredIQ Suite delivers:

  • In-place data management that allows an organization to discover, recognize, and act on unstructured data without moving it to a repository or specialty application.
  • A powerful search function that accelerates the understanding of large amounts of unstructured content.
  • Simplified analysis of large amounts of corporate data to provide detailed analysis faster and limit the impact on user productivity by analyzing and managing data in-place.
  • Actionable intelligence that supports many different policy actions such as copy, delete, move, copy to retention or export.

Powerful solution for managing unstructured data in-place

IBM Software Subscription and Support is included in the product price for the first year.

The primary source of enterprise data growth, unstructured data, comes from disparate data sources, is spread across departments and locations, and is governed by ever changing compliance mandates and regulations. Practitioners across legal, records, compliance, and IT struggle to identify, analyze, and act on unstructured data in preparation for a data clean-up project, merger/acquisition/divestiture, eDiscovery request, records classification, internal investigation, cloud migration, or even a data analytics project. Learn how IBM StoredIQ is conquering big data and serving as an information governance “start button” for today’s enterprise organizations.

Enterprise organizations today are at a critical intersection of increasing data growth and declining data value, creating a ripple effect across the business and exposing the organization to increasing expense, as well as legal and compliance risk. IBM’s Information Lifecycle Governance solutions help organizations improve their information economics strategy, lower information cost and risk, and maximize data value.

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