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RAMCloud Presentations


13 October 2015

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RAMCloud Presentations

This page contains links to the slides for recent RAMCloud presentations.

  • May 2015 SEDCL/PlatformLab retreat
    • Retreat Introduction (John): pptx pdf
    • Low-latency datacenter (John): pptx pdf
    • Summary of breakout session on low-latency datacenter (John): pptx pdf
    • Behnam’s Poster on Low latency transport mechanism for datacenter networks: pdf
    • Behnam’s talk on Low latency transport mechanism for datacenter networks: pdf
    • Seo Jin’s talk on Performance of Transactions in RAMCloud: pdf
    • Satoshi’s Poster on RACloud Latency over SRIOV/KVM on Xeon DPDK: pdf
    • Bob’s Poster on RAMCloud Market Application Analysis: pptx pdf
  • New Transport Mechanism (RAMCloud Friday Meetings, May 2015) : pdf
  • RAMCloud Tutorial (NVM Workshop, March 1, 2015): pptx pdf
  • Jan 2015 SEDCL Forum
    • Introducing the Platform Lab (John): pptx pdf
    • RAMCloud Overview and Update (John): pptxpdf
    • Transactions on RAMCloud (Collin, Seo Jin): pdf
    • RAMCloud in a Box (Satoshi): pdf
    • RAMCloud Latency: Measurement and Optimization (Henry): pdf
    • Experiences with RAMCloud Applications (John): pptxpdf
    • RAMCloud: Ideal Applications & Characteristics (Bob): pdf
    • Update on SLIK (Ankita): pdf
    • SolarFlare Driver (Behnam): pdf
  • June 2014 retreat
    • Ankita’s talk on SLIK with emphasis on initial performance measurements: pdf
    • SLIK team (Ankita/Arjun/Ashish/Zhihao) poster: “Performance measurements for SLIK”: pdf
    • John’s talk: “RAMCloud Overview and Update” pptx pdf
    • Satoshi’s poster: “RAMCloud on an Atom Server” pdf
    • Seojin’s talk: “Infrastructure for Linearizable RPCs in RAMCloud” pdf
    • Behnam’s talk: “SolarFlare 10GigE Driver For RAMCloud” pdf
    • Henry’s talk: RAMCloud Latency: Early Analysis Presentation pdf
  • Diego’s defense (May 2014) pptx pdf
  • RAMCloud overview/fast crash recovery talk at Big Data Budapest meetup (Diego; April 2014) pptx pdf
  • “Log-Structured Memory for DRAM-Based Storage (presentation at FAST 2014) pptx pdf video
  • Jan 2014 SEDCL Forum
    • John’s talk: “RAMCloud 1.0”: pptx pdf
    • Ankita’s talk: “Secondary Indexing in RAMCloud”: pdf
  • Talk on Raft leader election performance/availability/liveness at RAMCloud lunch (December 2013) pdf
  • Talk on Raft at RICON West 2013 pptx pdf
  • Steve’s defense pptx pdf
  • Talk on RAMCloud overview, recovery, and Raft at DEVIEW (October 2013) pptx pdf
  • Talk on log-structured memory at C-FAR Annual Review (October 2013) pptx  pdf
  • Diego’s Thesis Proposal (Consensus; June 2013) pdf
  • June 2013 retreat
    • Ankita on Data model design: poster pdf
    • Ankita on Experiences with Coordinator: poster pdf
    • John’s talk: “RAMCloud Overview and Update” pdfpptx
    • Diego’s talk: “Raft User Study” pdf
    • Ryan’s talk: “Toward Common Patterns for Distributed, Concurrent, Fault-Tolerant Code” pdfpptx
  • Ryan’s Defense: pdf pptx
  • Raft and Paxos lectures from the Raft user study
  • Raft poster at Computer Forum Annual Meeting (Diego, April 2013) svg pdf
  • RAMCloud talk, HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference (Ankita, February 2013) pdf pptx
  • “What We Have Learned from RAMCloud” (talk at SEDCL Forum January 2013) pptpdf
  • Raft talk, SEDCL Forum January 2013 pdf
  • A collection of all of John Ousterhout’s RAMCloud slides (from all talks since the beginning of the project, as of October 2012) ppt  pdf
  • “What We Have Learned from RAMCloud” (talk at MuSyC/GSRC final review, October 2012) ppt pdf
  • June 2012 retreat
    • Ankita on coordinator: poster pdf, poster (slightly improved version) pdf
    • Asaf on copysets: poster pdf, talk …
    • Diego on Paxos: poster pdf, talk pdf
    • Elliott on Table Enumeration: poster pdf keynote ppt, talk pdf keynote ppt
    • John on status: talk pdf ppt
    • Steve on cleaning: poster …, talk …
    • Alex on RDMA poster pdf, talk pdf
  • Steve’s Thesis Proposal (Memory/Object Management) pdf pptx
  • Ryan’s Thesis Proposal (Durability & Crash Recovery) pdf pptx
  • SEDCL Feb ‘12 pdf keynote ppt
  • Model checking (RAMCloud general meeting) pdf
  • Google PhD Summit Fast Crash Recovery Poster svg pdf
  • MuSyc/GSRC Fast Crash Recovery Talk (TODO: ouster)
  • MuSyc/GSRC Fast Crash Recovery Poster svg pdf
  • SOSP 2011 Fast Crash Recovery Talk pdf pptx
  • June 2011 retreat
  • Poster (sources) at the Stanford Computer Forum Annual Meeting (Apr. 2011)
  • RAMCloud overview (Mar. 2011) pdf
  • Poster at USENIX FAST 2011 (PDF format) (Feb. 2011)
  • Overview of recovery and ideas for performance metrics (PDF format) (Jan. 2011)
  • Crash probabilities presentation (Asaf - Nov. 2010)
  • Several talks at the Design Review (Apr. 2010)
  • Poster (sources) at the Stanford Computer Forum Annual Meeting (Apr. 2010)
  • RAMCloud overview (Feb. 2010)

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