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Legion Bootcamp


20 October 2015

Legion Bootcamp

A Data-Centric Parallel Programming System Github

Legion Bootcamp

Table of Contents

  • Overview, Alex Aiken (PDF, Video)
  • Execution Model, Elliott Slaughter (PDF, Video)
  • Data Model, Sean Treichler (PDF, Video)
  • Mapping, Michael Bauer (PDF, Video)
  • Writing Abstractions in Legion, Alex Aiken (PDF, Video)
  • Advanced Features: Simultaneous Coherence and Phase Barriers, Michael Bauer (PDF, Video)
  • Legion User Experience:
  • Debugging and Profiling Tools, Wonchan Lee (PDF, Video)
  • Coming Soon:
    • Metaprogramming, Sean Treichler (PDF, Video)
    • Compilation, Elliott Slaughter (PDF, Video)
  • 2015 Roadmap, Sean Treichler (PDF, Video)

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