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Zeppelin Deployment


25 November 2015

Zeppelin Deployment

Publish Zeppelin Distribution Package

A. Build package

Following command will create package zeppelin-VERSION.tar.gz under zeppelin-distribution/target directory.

  mvn clean package -P build-distr

B. Upload to S3 bucket web server

 ~~scp zeppelin-distribution/target/zeppelin-VERSION.tar.gz
 mvn package -P publish-distr

C. Edit

Edit download page to have link to new release.

Publish javadoc

Generate javadoc with following command

mvn javadoc:javadoc
mv "zeppelin-zengine/target/site/apidocs" "ZEPPELIN_HOMEPAGE/docs/zengine-api/VERSION"

and publish the web.

Publish Maven artifact

Publish to snapshot repository

 mvn -DperformRelease=true deploy

Publish to release repository

mvn -DperformRelease=true release:clean
mvn -DperformRelease=true release:prepare
mvn -DperformRelease=true release:perform

Artifact is now in staging repository. Connect , select staging repository and click “close” -> “release” will finally release it.


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