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Main Memory and Streaming Databases


14 December 2015

Article Source

Topics in Main Memory and Streaming Databases

Main Memory Databases

  1. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, Special Issue on Main Memory Databases June, 2013, Paul Larson (editor). Google (IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin)

Main Memory Databases 2

  1. OLTP through the looking glass, and what we found there S. Harizopoulos, D. J. Abadi, S. Madden, and M. Stonebraker, SIGMOD ’08: Proceedings of the 2008 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, New York, NY, USA, 2008, pp. 981-992.
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Main Memory Databases 3

  1. HyPer: A Hybrid OLTP&OLAP Main Memory Database System Based on Virtual Memory SnapshotsAlfons Kemper and Thomas Neumann, ICDE 2011.
  2. Trekking Through Siberia: Managing Cold Data in a Memory-Optimized DatabaseAhmed Eldawy, Justin Levandoski, and Paul Larson, International Conference on Very Large Databases (PVLDB Vol. 7, Issue. 11), June 2014, VLDB – Very Large Data Bases, September 2014
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Streaming Systems

  1. STREAM: The Stanford Data Stream Management System. Book chapter - to appear. Arasu, A., A., Babcock, B., Babu, S., Cieslewicz, J., Datar, M., Ito, K., Motwani, R., Srivastava, U., and Widom, J.
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  4. Introducing Microsoft StreamInsight. T. Grabs, R. Schindlauer, R. Krishnan, J. Goldstein. Microsoft White Paper, September 2009, Revised May 2010.
  5. Storm@Twitter, ProceedingsProceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGMOD international conference on Management of data Pages 147-156

Stream Processing

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Query Languages

  1. The CQL Continuous Query Language: Semantic Foundations and Query Execution Arasu, A., Babu, S., and Widom, J. Technical Report, October 2003.
  2. Hancock: A Language for Extracting Signatures from Data Streams Cortes, C., Fisher, K., Pregibon, D., Rogers, A., Smith, F.


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Distributed Systems/Fault Tolerance

  1. Minimizing Latency in Fault-Tolerant Distributed Stream Processing Systems Brito, A., Fetzer, C., Felber, P. ICDCS’09 (Slides)
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Scaling Data Stream Systems

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