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29 December 2015


Map-D SC13 Presentation

Map-D’s Tom Graham and Todd Mostak present real-time and interactive analytics on 1 billion tweets using 8 NVIDIA K40 GPUs.

Map-D wins $100K at NVIDIA’s GPU Tech Conference

MapD was announced as the winner of the GPU Technology Conference’s Early Stage Challenge this year, and they will be coming home with a cool $100,000.

Demo: MapD Wins the Day at GTC 2014

In this video, Todd Mostak from MapD demonstrates the company’s GPU-powered in-memory relational database software for Big Data.

Demo: Map-D Visualizes Big Data Fast with GPUs

In this video from SC13, Thomas Graham and Todd Mostak from map-D demonstrate their super-fast GPU database technology.

“We build unique databases that process huge datasets in milliseconds, performing up to 70 times faster than CPU-based solutions.”

In His Own Words: Todd Mostak, MapD Creator

Todd Mostak is the creator of MapD, a GPU database currently in development at MIT. In this video his describes his project and shows off its capabilities with a data set of 125 million tweets using Harvard’s open source GIS project WorldMap.

map-D- GTC On-Demand

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