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DBMS Components


3 February 2016

Database Management System Components

We see an outline of a complete DBMS. Single boxes represent system components, while double boxes represent in-memory data structures. The solid lines indicate control and data flow, while dashed lines indicate data flow only. Since the diagram is complicated, we shall consider the details in several stages. First, at the top, we suggest that there are two distinct sources of commands to the DBMS:

  1. Conventional users and application programs that ask for data or modify data.
  2. A database administrator: a person or persons responsible for the structure or schema of the database.

Main-Memory Databases

Current database systems were designed assuming that data resides on disk. This assumption is no longer valid; main memories have become sufficiently large that most OLTP databases can reside entirely in memory. In this project we investigate what architectural changes and new techniques are required to realize the potential for great performance improvements offered by storing data in main memory.

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