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5 Technology Trends in 2017 that Change Your Way of Living


21 March 2017

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5 Technology Trends in 2017 that Change Your Way of Living

It’s a millennial, where everything has become changed, whether we talk about technological advancements or living style both things have totally changed such as; we used to go telephone booth if we want to make a call, we had to go grocery stores to shop but now you don’t need to go out, you just need a personal computer or Smartphone and internet connection and you can easily make a call or even you can communicate with the whole world by using any social website and you can shop whatever you want by using any online shopping service.

Technology has changed the way of living. Now we can say that our lives are totally dependent on technology because whenever it gets any change, its impact comes to our life. The biggest and greatest invention of technology is the internet that is now considering the most important root of everything.

Technology has brought drastic changes in our lives such as; connected people from all over the world, improved communication in a very effective and efficient way. People who are geographically separated can easily communicate with their families and friends with the help of internet or telephones.

Scientists are making technological trends, and companies are following these trends and making things according to these trends. Every company is trying to bring something new and unique to create the greater acceptance in the market so the competition is getting tough for all. There are five major tech trends that are going to rule 2017:

1. Machine Learning

In the past few years Machine learning took some massive strides and even emerging to enhance and assist search engine algorithm of Google, but it has the only limited range of applications. Throughout 2017, we are going to see machine learning updates emerge across the board, almost any type of applications is entering that you can think of.

2. Automation

It will be pleased for mostly marketers to learn that automation will be going to become a bigger mainstay in and throughout 2017. Humans are able to complete their exclusive tasks with advanced automation technology. The drawback of getting frequent advancements in automation is there are many jobs are going to disappear soon, because we are going to see productivity skyrockets and robotic employees in a number of white-collar jobs.

3. Humanized Big Data

It is the idea that gathered data of mass quantities that can help us in everything from executing good marketing campaigns to planning better medical treatment. In 2017 we are going to see the advancements that will seek more qualitative and empathetic bits of data and projecting them accessible and visualized ways.

4. Physical-Digital Integrations

Nowadays, it’s rare to see anyone without having a mobile phone and more than half of the world is using Smartphone. New apps and advanced features of mobiles are making us familiar with new technology. We have already experienced online stores but the next level will bring more integration between digital and physical realities.

5. Everything on Demand

Thanks to great brands that brought ease to our lives. Phone apps are providing everything to the people on their demands. In 2017 we are going to see more development in this and there will be more people will be able to get everything on demand.

Technology has made our lives easier and still, it didn’t get any full-stop and also it will never get any full-stop. Scientists are bringing inventions and discovering shocking facts every day. Companies are working hard to provide us those products and services that can bring more convenience in our life and can help us to solve daily life issues. Everyday advancements in technology are changing our lifestyles and also changing our thinking process and the way of perceiving things.

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