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Road Transport Systems


13 February 2018

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Road Transport Systems

Introduction to road transport systems and technologies

  • Brief socio-economic context
  • Recent development in road transport technologies
  • Topics in road transport systems
  • Modes, types of transport, trip purpose, origin-destinations
  • Intermodal transport
  • Design volumes
  • Road congestion
  • Car sharing
  • Autonomous vehicles

Traffic flow theory fundamentals

  • Vehicle trajectories and time-space diagrams
  • Traffic stream definitions
  • Traffic fundamental diagram
  • Waves

Queuing theory fundamentals

  • Node dynamics
  • Queuing diagrams (cumulative plots)
  • Serial systems

Simple applications of traffic flow theory and queuing theory

  • Traffic operation at signalized intersections
  • Traffic operation with an accident

Sustainable transportation and public transport

  • Total transport costs and economic analysis
  • Environmental impacts: energy consumption, emissions, etc.
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Vehicle quota system and road space rationing
  • Investment in public transport
  • Bus priority strategies

Design fundamentals

  • System components: links and nodes
  • Horizontal alignment
  • Vertical alignment
  • Simple intersections

Pavement, infrastructure and road safety

  • Pavement
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Safety statistics and trends
  • Risk, exposure and safety
  • Safety data and evaluation

Intelligent road transport monitoring

  • Measurement technologies (loop detectors, radars, etc.)
  • Floating car data with mobile phones
  • Analysis and monitoring with traffic data (FD, MFD, 3d-MFD, etc.)
  • Case study with Zurich

Traffic management and control

  • Special lanes
  • Speed limit and variable speed control
  • Re-routing
  • Congestion pricing
  • Perimeter control
  • Parking management

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