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Taking the I out of PaaS with Apache Mesos


4 March 2018

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Taking the I out of PaaS with Apache Mesos

The drive to continuous delivery, micro services and PaaS includes the need to auto scale and potentially auto provision services. This session will identify the legacy thinking of a statically partitioned world and drive to the scalable world of Apache Mesos.

This session will look at the failings of the many of today’s cloud technology, identify the goals we have and look into the tooling of how to get there. In this session we will look at:

  • static vs elastic partitioning
  • vm vs containers
  • separating cluster capacity from application scale
  • load balancing with HAProxy
  • This session will be packed with demonstrations.

About the Speaker

Ken Sipe is a Cloud Solution Architect at Mesosphere, focused on helping companies simplify the development and operation of large scale infrastructure and distributed systems with DCOS. Before joining Mesosphere, Ken lead research and development at CenturyLink cloud business unit focused on the future of cloud and data-center automation. Ken is an author and award winning international speaker on the practices of software architecture and engineering, continuous delivery and agile practices. Ken is also an Apache Mesos contributor and a committer on the Myriad and HDFS framework projects.

This talk is part of Cerner’s Tech Talk series. Check us out at and @CernerEng

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