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Real-Time Data Processing with Apache Flink


10 March 2018

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Real-Time Data Processing with Apache Flink


Extremely fast data processing is a requirement for any modern enterprise app. data Artisans’ Apache Flink provides efficient, fast, consistent, and robust handling of massive streams of events, as well as batch processing as a special case of stream processing. With Flink available on Mesosphere DC/OS, users can deploy a Flink cluster with the click of a button, and run Flink elastically with other fast data technologies such as Kafka and Cassandra.

In this webinar, you will learn how to install a Flink cluster on DC/OS and how to use Flink to build real-time applications. Join Jamie Grier and Mike Winters from data Artisans, and Joerg Schad, distributed systems engineer at Mesosphere, to learn more about Flink and DC/OS.

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