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Speed at Scale - Using GPUs to Accelerate Analytics for Extreme Use Cases


26 June 2018

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Speed at Scale: Using GPUs to Accelerate Analytics for Extreme Use Cases

  • Presented by Todd Mostak, Founder & CEO at MapD @ GPU Technology Conference Silicon Valley 2018


It is common knowledge that GPUs can dramatically accelerate HPC and machine learning/AI workloads, but can they do the same for general purpose analytics?

In this talk, Todd Mostak, CEO of MapD, will provide real-world examples of how a new generation of GPU-powered analytics platforms can enable enterprises from a range of verticals to dramatically accelerate the process of insight generation at scale. In particular, he will focus on how the key technical differentiators of GPUs: their massive computational bandwidth, fast memory, and native rendering pipeline, make them uniquely suited to allow analysts and data scientists to query, visualize and power machine learning over large, often high-velocity, datasets.

Using the open source MapD analytics platform as an example, Todd will detail the technical approaches his team took to leverage the full parallelism of GPUs and demo how the platform allows analysts to interactively explore datasets containing tens of billions of records.

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