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The GAN Zoo


2 July 2018

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The GAN Zoo

A list of all named GANs!

Pretty painting is always better than a Terminator Every week, new papers on Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) are coming out and it’s hard to keep track of them all, not to mention the incredibly creative ways in which researchers are naming these GANs!

You can read more about GANs in this Generative Models post by OpenAI or this overview tutorial in KDNuggets.

Explosive growth — All the named GAN variants cumulatively since 2014. Credit: Bruno Gavranović

So, here’s the current and frequently updated list, from what started as a fun activity compiling all named GANs in this format: Name and Source Paper linked to Arxiv. Last updated on Feb 23, 2018.

Visit the Github repository to add more links via pull requests or create an issue to lemme know something I missed or to start a discussion.

Thanks to all the contributors, especially Emanuele Plebani, Lukas Galke, Peter Waller and Bruno Gavranović.

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