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Graph Signal Processing


12 May 2019

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Graph Signal Processing

  • Speaker: Antonio Ortega, University of Southern California


Antonio Ortega, ECE Distinguished Lecture Series speaker from the University of Southern California spoke on April 4, 2018 in Mitchell Hall. His lecture, entitled “Making Sense of Data on Networks: A Graph Signal Processing Approach” focused on the improvement in technology for sensing, computing and communicating and how we are becoming increasingly reliant on a series of very large scale networks. This trend is one of the key motivations for research in the emerging field of graph signal processing (GSP). In this talk, he provides an introduction to graph signal processing (GSP). He reviews notions of frequency that can be applied to graph signals, then describes how these are used to develop filtering and sampling strategies. He then discusses recent advances in the development of GSP tools and illustrates them with applications in sensing, imaging and machine learning.

A Brief Introduction to Graph Signal Processing and Its Applications

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