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Urban Computing


23 July 2019

Urban Computing


Urban computing leverages data engineering/science, sensor-based technologies, mapping, and visualization techniques to tackle challenges cities have related to safety, road infrastructure, access to transportation, energy consumption, and traffic congestion. Learn more about Uber’s approach to urban computing and how a larger open source community effort could accelerate solutions that improve health, environment, and operations of cities.

Keynote Speaker

Travis Gorkin, Uber, Special Projects & Platforms Team

Travis Gorkin leads the Special Projects and Platforms team at Uber developing open source tools for data visualization and urban computing. His team builds advanced data visualization products to explore self-driving car, geospatial and business data in the context of urban mobility. In this role, Travis oversees advancement of an ecosystem of open source urban computing projects supporting regulators, policy-makers, researchers, students, 3rd party companies and civic hackers. Travis earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Vanderbilt University, as well as a Master of Science and Engineering degree in Computer Graphics from University of Pennsylvania.

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