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Big Ideas in Causality and Machine Learning


10 August 2020

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Big Ideas in Causality and Machine Learning

Special MSR India session

  • Speaker: Susan Athey, Stanford University
  • Talk Title: Causal Inference, Consumer Choice, and the Value of Data

  • Speaker: Elias Bareinboim, Columbia University
  • Talk Title: On the Causal Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (Explainability & Decision-Making)

  • Speaker: Cheng Zhang, Microsoft
  • Talk Title: A causal view on Robustness of Neural Networks


Causal relationships are stable across distribution shifts. Models based on causal knowledge have the potential to generalize to unseen domains and offer counterfactual predictions: how do outcomes change if a certain feature is changed in the real world. In recent years, machine learning methods based on causal reasoning have led to advances in out-of-domain generalization, fairness and explanation, and robustness to data selection biases. In this session, we discuss big ideas at the intersections of causal inference and machine learning towards building stable predictive models and discovering causal insights from data.

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